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Auditing Services

Many companies lack the resources, experience and objectivity to conduct an effective internal audit. For these reasons, many companies find it to be more cost effective to outsource this critical requirement. Not only will your company save money, but you'll also be able to free up key personnel so that they can focus their time on other areas of the business. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars by taking over their Internal Audits, as well as there Supplier Audits. But for companies that choose to conduct their own Internal Audits, it's very important that the organization understands and complies with all QMS standard requirements as they relate to Internal Audits.

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Not only are we consultants, but we're also certified Lead Auditors. We conduct audits for some of the largest accredited Registrars in the country. We know the standards inside and out. We are the first to be notified of any changes made to compliance requirements. We are also provided with the latest knowledge and guidance related to industry.

We know exactly how the auditors work and what they will be looking for. When we perform your Internal Audits, we'll show you how they work and what you can expect them to find. We will serve as your audit team. We will custom design an Internal Audit Plan that meets your needs and schedule.

Auditing Services

Because many companies lack the resources, experience, and objectiveness to conduct an internal audit independently. Many companies elect to outsource their Internal Audits (and Supplier Audits), instead of trying to tackle this responsibility on their own. Organizations find this to be a much more cost effective solution. They are able free up key personnel, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency of their business.

We are pleased to offer you the following audit services:

• Internal Audits • Gap Analysis Audits • Pre-Assessment Audits • Supplier Audits

Audit Types

Internal Audits

We have conducted hundreds of Internal Audits. We have both the experience and expertise to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from our services. We can either conduct an internal audit of your entire Quality Management System, or we can perform a partial audit on specific areas of the quality system that would benefit from additional attention or cannot be conducted internally due to potential conflicts of interest. Our Internal Audit Services provide a constant monitoring of your existing system. We have helped our clients become more consistent, as well as provided many opportunities for continual improvement. Our Auditing Services can be custom designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Supplier Audits

By outsourcing your supplier audits to Quality Concepts, Inc., you'll be able to free up your personnel, reduce travel time and the costs of each audit. We have conducted hundreds of supplier audits for our customers. We will conduct on-site supplier audits to ensure that the activities you have hired your vendors to do, are actually being carried out according to your requirements and all applicable regulations. We are willing to travel almost anywhere in the world to ensure your supplier audits are executed quickly & efficiently. We can perform some of your supplier audits or all of them. Our supplier audits will provide constant monitoring of your supplier’s systems, as well as help you minimize risk with in your supply chain. We will also as promote continual improvement throughout your supplier base. Our programs also include non-conformance and corrective action follow-up. 

Gap Assessment Audits

Our Gap Assessment Audits are designed to evaluate your existing system against the requirements of the applicable standard. We would conduct this audit at the very beginning of the process. The main purpose of this audit is to identify the gaps in your system, and then develop an action plan to address those gaps so that your system conforms to the requirements of the standard. Once the audit is complete, we will prepare a Gap Analysis Report, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, areas to be address, and what our recommendations are for addressing those areas.

Pre-Assessment Audits

A Pre-Assessment Audit can be conducted by Quality Concepts, Inc. to ensure that the implementation of your QMS was effective and that all the requirements of the standard were met. It’s similar to a dress rehearsal before the big show. Our Pre-Assessment Audits will provide confidence to your organization. They will give you the assurance you need leading up to the certification audit. We also help you close out any findings from the pre assessment audits, and ensure that your corrective action is effective.