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About Us

At Quality Concepts, Inc., we believe that one-on-one contact is the most effective way to implement a quality management system or to provide value-added maintenance services. This personalized approach leverages the consultant's experience when solving your unique problems.

Our people are skilled at both analyzing the needs of your business and interpreting what is needed for the standard to arrive at a workable solution. To do this, our people utilize process mapping techniques to get an accurate picture of the processes that are presently in place. This information is used to create or revise documentation or recommend improvements that would provide the most benefit to your business.

Knowing how important process ownership is, we involve your key personnel in the decision making, whether we write the documentation or fine-tune what already exists. We build a close relationship with your management team in order to provide an environment to learn more about the standards being implemented, something you just can't get out of a book, video, or seminar.

Quality Concepts Inc.'s goal is for your business to experience the immediate benefits from the implementation of the standards through increased productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction, while making it pain-free for you and your employees. 

Dennis Estevao

Dennis was born and raised in Rhode Island, where he still resides. He has spent the majority of his professional career in the quality assurance field, sharing his expertise with companies along the East Coast. His immense collection of experience has enabled him to direct a wide variety of organizations striving for excellence.  This includes ways to improve production, increase clientele, and train employees to maintain best practice for successful business.  Knowledge of ISO 9001, which focuses on process improvements in manufacturing and servicing companies, has enabled him to facilitate the efforts of companies in implementation and registration to ISO 9001.  He also is well-versed in AS 9100, the aerospace derivative of ISO 9001. Diversified training, hazardous wastes management, and internal auditing are just some of the other areas in which he is educated.

Chuck Smith

Chuck was born and raised in southern Connecticut.  He has a BS in Management and graduated Cum Laude (with honors).  Chuck has worked in a variety of positions in several industries, including management positions in manufacturing, facilities management, warehousing, and distribution, and quality systems consulting.  Chuck has accumulated a vast knowledge of quality management systems during his years as a project manager, technical writer, and trainer for companies striving for ISO 9001 registration.  He has successfully assisted in the registration efforts of more than 50 companies.  This has included teaching internal audit training classes, conducting client internal audits, management mentoring and process analysis and improvement.  This expertise extends from ISO 9001 to AS9100 and ISO 13485.  Chuck has also served as regulatory consultant to medical device suppliers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide cost-effective solutions to managing quality management system implementation and ongoing improvement by emphasizing the concepts of quality.

Our focus is to provide simple, easy-to-understand solutions to quality management system questions, utilizing a customized, personalized approach.

We strive to offer our clients services that effectively utilize and improve their quality management system including overall project management, internal auditing, management training in how to implement the system and improve effectiveness, and effective goal setting with metrics to measure the success rate of the client's company goals and objectives.